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MADJA is a junior athletics club catering for young people aged 7 to 20 years old (school year 2 upwards). We aim to introduce young people to athletics; encourage all-round fitness; provide coaching and training to prepare athletes for competitions and ensure that young people have the opportunity to have fun and enjoy sport.

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  • Learn to run, jump and throw
  • Develop agility, strength, speed and stamina
  • Develop skills in QuadKids events ready for u11's


  • Develop QuadKids skills
  • Introduce events covered by Oxford 5 star and other local events
  • Gradually introduce all u13 events in preparation for moving up
  • Develop individual strengths

U13’s and older

  • Maintain a broad range of skills in track and field
  • Develop specific talents
  • Overall fitness
  • Opportunities for regular competition

Find the Track and Where to Park

There is NO PARKING at the track. Please do not drive up to the track and drop off either. Please make sure you park or drop off at the water meadow car park www.marlboroughcollege.org/inner_campus.pdf and follow the path up to the track. This is at the college’s request. There is loads of parking available.