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Club Officials

MADJA is a busy club run by volunteers who coach, official at the track , manage teams, sort out the administration of the club, organise local events, send mailouts, carry out PR and advertising initiatives, manage the finances of the club, purchase kit, care for equipment and update the web site – to mention just a few of the jobs that we do. We are always looking for new volunteers to help the club run smoothly and ensure that the work is shared out. If you would like to get involved, please talk to one of us at the track or email

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The Coaches

Level 1/AL/CA

David Smith Fiona Edington  
Charlie Sheppy Mel Bailey  
Tim Marriott Jacqui Sykes  
David Mayer    

Level 2/AC

  • Paul Warren
  • Tyler Bathe
  • Louise George
  • Lucy Lassiter
  • Duncan Short
  • Calvin Bailey
  • Vanya Short

Level 3

  • Deborah Bray


Track & Field Officials

  • Sarah Richardson
  • Fiona Edington
  • Kate Clark
  • Margaret Thompson
  • Jacqui Sykes
  • Duncan Short